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No other chosen ones have been raised up to the extent of 144,000. These people are high priests. The Lord is bringing in a whole new priesthood to restore all things and bring in the harvest. This remnant is one of the most important positions and ministries that was ever created. The whole Bible is about them. The remnant is often discussed in religious circles but not really understood. Most soldiers are trained to fight from afar. They're not close to their enemies to fight them. But the 144,000 are special forces. They’re not coming to play around; they’re coming to bring maximum damage to the kingdom of darkness. The Lord is bringing those who are violent in their faith.


So many prophetic voices are saying that the harvest is coming any day now. The Early Church also said how it would come and who would bring it in - these apostolic fathers taught that the 144,000 would be sealed by Elijah to bring in the final harvest. The Lord is not looking for those who are always repenting for their sins and not changing. He is looking for those who are going through the veil to be transformed. The High Priests are the only ones who go behind the veil and this group of God’s chosen are a high priestly race that is going behind the veil and only they are able to see and hear what is taught in the glory realm. The high priests were not permitted to teach what they were shown behind the veil to other priests or Levites, only to other high priests. Malachi prophesied that Elijah would come to raise up a new priesthood because in the end times the priesthood in the church would have become corrupt. 


We are in a time like never before where there are so many false messages being sent out, both in the news and in the church. The fake news that is going on in the media is a reflection of all the different gospels that are being preached in the church today with so many different denominations. The great deception is within the church. The Apostle John tells us that the Antichrist spirit comes from within the church (1 John 2:18-19). It’s one thing to talk about Jesus, but do our actions show that we live Jesus?  People need to see Jesus in us not just hear about it. Did  Jesus not say you worship me with your lips, but your hearts are far from me? (Matthew 15:8). 


The glory that is coming is going to be revealed in those whose souls have been made fittest for it. You're not going to be able to receive it unless your soul has been sanctified by the teachings of Elijah. The Early Church understood that it was the teachings of Elijah that would raise up and seal the 144,000 but this understanding has been lost in the church today. Just as the 144,000 are grossly misunderstood, so is the role of Elijah and the magnitude of missing this prophet who is coming to raise up and seal the remnant. 


We see how the Early Church emphasized the significance of the teachings of Elijah and how he would purify the 144,000 as they understood what was prophesied in the book of Malachi. The church at the end grieves God with their prayers and weeping because they do not understand how to give God the offering He desires, and they treat His word with contempt. Elijah comes to purify the sons of Levi, but that’s not the whole church - it’s just the priesthood. There was a covenant made with the priesthood that was not given to anyone else. When the priesthood is ready God will come to us for judgment. You see this in the book of Revelation when the four winds are held back until the sealing is complete. We see how the four winds are there to breathe on the dry bones through the spirit of prophecy. The four winds are the breath of God, the revelation that brings life to this army that rises up. It’s Joel’s army, the remnant - it’s these dry bones coming back to life. The remnant is spoken about everywhere. There was nothing like them before and there will be nothing like them after. 


The revelation Elijah releases takes them through a death to self process, killing off the old man along with his deeds (Colossians 3:9). This brings about a resurrection. The spirit of prophecy has this effect on us, just as it is written that God kills and  makes alive through the process of revelation. Nothing can be released until Elijah finishes sealing the servants of God on their foreheads. The 144,000 are those who will be sealed before God breathes into them. They will carry and wear the resurrected body. Those in the religious system are those who will be sealed in the mark of the beast. There are two seals: the mark of the Antichrist (666) which will happen almost simultaneously with the sealing of the 144,000. We need to make sure that we find out who Elijah is in order to be sealed by the revelation he releases in order to be a part of the remnant who will usher in this final move of God. Amen.



Apostle Michael Petro


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